HR on Call for Small Business


They May Really Be Out
To Get Your Company

Dealing with a troublesome employee or workplace issue is only part of the challenge.

In several areas, the government would actually prefer to see you go out of business unless you can create an absolutely “safe zone.”

In a sexual harassment case, that means they may not pursue action against the perpetrator. But they will seek fines and other actions that can bankrupt your organization. OSHA, Workman’s Compensation, FSLA, Title 9, the Civil Rights Act, Family Leave Act and hundreds of others put these burdens on businesses.

Phase I: Investigation

Investigating the merits of an allegation needs to begin immediately. Labor Management Advisory Group does it right, ensuring that you avoid an almost unlimited number of pitfalls.

We bring you more than three decades of experience working with employee issues, federal and state law, attorneys and regulatory requirements. We know how to read employee “signals” and deal with them. We take the steps necessary to avoid fines and penalties.

We also keep employers and managers out of the fray. Trying to work “in house” can lead to more emotional confrontations and make the problems worse. Employees may not see management as objective and even a fair decision can lead to problems. Even human resources staff are not qualified to handle potentially violent or lawsuit-prone personnel disputes.

Labor Management Advisory Group has assisted hundreds of companies and non-profit organizations in solving their most difficult problems and crises. Poorly performing employees who cause production problems, addicts, bullies and ex-cons are just a few of the issues we have dealt with successfully. We’re adept at avoiding legal or regulatory issues. When they are unavoidable, we know how to minimize, even eliminate your exposure.

As Easy as I, II, III…and IV

The Process Starts with an Allegation…that Must be Answered

Phases II, III and IV: Substantiation and Resolution

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