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Minimize Issues. Handle Them Right When They Happen

Labor Advisory Group has a proven track record in “mess management” and HR crises. We can help you avoid these problems by making yours a judgment-proof organization. We’ll help you establish policies, training and reminders to meet and exceed government requirements. With our assistance, problems are unlikely to occur and, if they do, you can show that you have done all that is possible to avoid them.

LMAG Steps to Success:

• An allegation occurs.

• LMAG investigates.

• Allegation is either substantiated or not.

• In cases of substantiation, employee is either counseled or terminated.

• In cases of termination, we reduce or eliminate your exposure, while providing the former employee with a bridge to the future, removing anger and expensive repercussions.

• If requested, we help you find a replacement.

Phases II, III and IV

Phases II and III: Substantiation and Resolution

Once a situation has been substantiated, resolution will occur through counseling or termination. We handle all of this for you, including the DOL due process requirements for non-performing employees.

When a crisis can be resolved without termination, it saves the time and cost of hiring and training replacements and helps eliminate continued conflict within your company. While not all situations can be rectified with counseling, it can be a viable option.

In many cases, termination is required, but LMAG knows how to remove employees so the outcome is positive for all parties. Although not every incident has a happy ending, many workplace conflicts develop because workers are just in the wrong place and they need a different environment. In case after case, Labor Management Advisory Group has removed employees’ anger and shown a positive bridge to the future, rather than creating a situation that is harmful to the company and to themselves.

LMAG is equally experienced in dealing with federal regulatory bodies, company insurance programs and employee attorneys. We help companies avoid court and eliminate fines. And, we help employees to move forward with their lives. These are positive, life-changing solutions.

Phase IV: Search Work

If requested, LMAG has the expertise to conduct a search for the replacement for a terminated employee, as well as the additional background to find the right person for you based on our work in the previous phases. We can also act as an interim replacement if necessary.

As Easy as I, II, III…and IV

The Process Starts with an Allegation…that Must be Answered

LMAG Phase I: Investigation

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