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Mess Management: Lessons from a Corporate Hit Man

What’s the worst thing that can happen when you fire someone?

If the disgruntled ex-employee returns with a gun.

What’s the next worst thing?

If the irate former employee comes back with an EEOC or State Human Rights Commission complaint.

Mess Management: Lessons from a Corporate Hit Man (AuthorHouse, 2010) sheds much needed light on successfully eliminating the real problems when business owners and nonprofit leaders confront the sex, drugs, and rock and roll side of human resource management. Using key scenarios collected from real cases with organizations across the country, author and HR guru Steve M. Cohen, Ed.D. provides vital management solutions coupled with related information on legal/regulatory requirements that will help you resolve even the stickiest employee issues you may face.


“Every business owner should keep a copy of Mess Management within reach. Dr. Steve Cohen presents realistic scenarios and gives step-by-step instructions on how to handle them from beginning to end.” — Norma L. Ball, Executive Director, Paper First Affiliates, LLC

“Mess Management reveals the difficulty in unveiling the real facts in corporate misbehavior, the good, bad, and ugly side of human behavior, and the value of a skilled investigator and problem solver from outside of the organization.” — Steve C. Johns, MBA, JD, Heartland Business Exchange

“The case studies are page turners that I could not put down once I launched into them. Wonderfully entertaining and informative. Bravo!”
Jim Ketter, Partner at Miller, Havaland, and Ketter

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