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Ministry Mess Management: A New Look at HR Issues in a Christian Environment

What others say:

“An outstanding resource for all ministry CEOs, executive directors, boards and leadership teams. Great tool to establish clarity, values and amp up outcomes/results to reach new heights and avoid mediocrity or, worse, irrelevance.”
Drew Hiss, CEO Growth Catalyst & Advisory Board Chairman, Convene

“Having served in leadership in both church and para-church ministries, I know from experience that messes happen in ministry. When you find yourself waist-deep in another crisis, you need wise counsel, and you need it quickly. This book is such a rare gem. Written by two men who have helped many ministry leaders manage such messes, it jettisons mere theory for clear, practical help. Keep it close on your shelf. You will find yourself combing its pages often.”
Paul Nyquist, Ph.D., President, The Moody Bible Institute, Chicago

“Dick Biery and Steve Cohen have combined very different backgrounds in a synergistic explosion of wisdom and experience to produce Ministry Mess Management. Having the privilege of knowing them both, I can assure you that this book goes way beyond theory to walk you through the nitty-gritty realities of ministry’s thorniest issues. These guys have been in the trenches, and I can see their distinctive gifts and personalities at every turn. Where was this book years ago when I was leaving a littered trail of messes behind me? I can tell you this, the next time I face a major mess these are the guys I am calling first! Get this book! Read it!”
Jeff Adams, PhD Senior Pastor Graceway Church, Kansas City

Ministry Mess Management utilizes case histories and biblical principles to address and solve common leadership and management problems in churches and ministries—everything from low trust levels to dysfunctional culture.

Necessary management decisions, including gritty and distasteful issues such as terminations, should be as much grounded in biblical principles as good management principles, not simply pragmatism or financial need.

There exists a close link between biblical principles and wise management, indeed a linkage based in God’s reality. Christ-centered boards and managers need to be able to understand, detect and courageously act, with grace, when danger signs, based both in biblical and sound management principles, are flashing warnings. Governing and executive leadership are sobering responsibilities with, we believe, transcendent effects.