HR on Call for Small Business

Participation, engagement, and timely, two-way communication are important factors in successfully transforming any organization.

We focus on identifying and resolving the conflicts that can jeopardize success.

Our techniques help your organization to successfully make internal shifts in organization culture, brand identity, customer service, and new development.

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SERVICES : Mess Management and More

• Have you had a sexual harassment complaint?
Do you have problem employees who need disciplinary action?
Do you have a policy and procedure manual?
Are your job descriptions in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act?

As a full-service management consulting firm, Labor Management Advisory Group provides a wide range of customized personnel services to adeptly handle your HR dilemmas or help with your management needs.

Our services include:

  • Crisis Management Recognize “red flags.” Crisis readiness is a question of when, not if, not when your organization is prepared.
  • Mess Management Employee mediation, conflict resolution, and mess management.
  • Sexual Harassment Prevent some of the worst issues that can face any employer or professionally investigate issues that do occur.
  • Whistleblowers Deal effectively and legally with whistleblowers, employee complaints, and reports.
  • Board Governance Raise the bar on your board governance, leadership, and strategic planning.
  • HR Services Get assistance with job descriptions, performance appraisals, policy manual development, and wage and salary programs.
  • Executive Search As experts in the recruiting and selection process, let us assist in bringing you viable candidates.
  • Training Seminars Run professional training seminars for your company or organization on a wide range of important and timely topics.

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